Meet Aaron

“As leaders, we give youth the best chance for success when we choose to believe in the best for them.”


Meet Aaron

As a former at-risk youth, Aaron’s life was forever changed by the benefits of finding his sense of purpose. After a near-death experience as a young teen, Aaron began questioning what his life could mean for other people in his community.

What began as a local initiative to inspire youth through his music eventually grew into a passion for speaking which gave him the platform to impact thousands of students, all while spreading a message of self-value.

Over the years, Aaron has served as a youth worker assisting teens in youth justice, addictions, and homeless organizations. He’s also collaborated with school administrators and community leaders to bring his programs into high schools, middle schools, youth justice programs, and more. As the creator of QueWellness™, his aim is to also assist school districts by offering a year-round approach to student wellness.

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