How to Positively Contribute to Youth’s Self-Esteem


We’ve all seen the movies. Great examples of teachers and adults who’ve gone above and beyond for the sake of their youth. Usually, based on a true story, these day-to-day heroes find themselves escaping the norm to embark on a daring journey. Each of these films is different, but the quest is still the same: to restore a belief in the minds of their youth — a belief that they’re worthy of an optimal future; a belief that they’re worthy to be loved; a belief that they’re important. These are all linked to positive self-esteem. If you’ve ever watched movies like The Blind Side or Freedom Writers, you might have thought to yourself, “Can I really spark a similar change in my youth?”. Thankfully, the answer is yes! Although we can’t teach our youth to feel better about themselves, we do have the ability to foster healthy self-esteem through our daily efforts and interactions. This e-book was written for caring teachers and leaders like yourself to help you better understand, detect, and combat low self-esteem as it pertains to your youth.