Here’s to the “Ordinary” Leader

“It takes a special type of person to do what you do 😕…

And unfortunately, we don’t feel that your accomplishments will be of any inspiration.”


This was the response I had received from a program when I first set out to impact students.

My objective was simple (maybe “too simple”):

To share my story in a way that students could derive meaning and insight from it.

I wasn’t a gold medalist. I wasn’t a doctor. Just an at-risk youth who was forever changed by the efforts of ordinary adults like myself:

“Ordinary” teachers who reminded me of my potential.

“Ordinary” principals who took the time to listen and reach out.

“Ordinary” counselors who never gave up on me.

The list goes on.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t sometimes struggle with imposter syndrome. After all, I serve alongside AMAZING individuals whose accomplishments can sometimes seem blinding!

Nevertheless, the greatest IMPACT we have as leaders is not wrapped up in how “accomplished” or “important” we are, but rather our commitment to growth, servanthood, CARING, and learning.

To all, you caring leaders; thank you for being an inspiration!