School Assemblies & Keynote

Audience: High Schools & Gr. 6-8



As a former at-risk youth, Aaron shares his story in a way that students can derive meaning and insight from it. Detailing the struggles he faced growing up, Aaron provides students with a fresh perspective on life’s challenges and encourages them to see and believe in the best for themselves.

Through effective use of story-telling as well as some elements of music and poetry, students are given helpful takeaways and strategies pertaining to life and personal well-being. 


  • Learn practical ways to invest in well-being
  • Gain a deeper understanding of self-worth
  • Discover how to develop a growth mindset
  • Comprehend the impact of unhealthy behaviors and relationships
  • Grasp the benefits of seeking support
  • Learn how to foster personal strengths
  • Recognize and debunk negative beliefs
  • Learn how to foster a sense of purpose
  • Be inspired to lead and set new goals

“His message touched on topics that were timely for our youth and challenged them to make the most out of their situations and to see the best in themselves…”

Emily Cullen, Lead Teacher


Your program at my school today was spectacular. What you said helped us learn a lot.


High School Student

Your message about connection and belonging have never been more important!

Associate Director, WRDSB

I would recommend Aaron to anyone looking to invest in a positive school climate while also promoting a message of self-value, respect and intentional living.

Child & Youth Worker

I thought you had a fantastic program. We’re always aiming to teach students to set goals, to gain a sense of purpose and to be the best people that they can be; and you did present those strategies.


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How to Positively Contribute to Youth’s Self-Esteem

We’ve all seen the movies. Great examples of teachers and adults who’ve gone above and beyond for the sake of their youth. Usually, based on a true story, these day-to-day heroes find themselves escaping the norm to embark on a daring journey. Each of these films is different, but the quest is still the same: to foster a belief in the minds of their youth — a belief that they’re worthy of an optimal future; a belief that they’re worthy to be loved; a belief that they’re important. These are all linked to positive self-esteem. If you’ve ever watched movies like The Blind Side or Freedom Writers, you might have thought to yourself, “Can I really spark a similar change in my youth?”. Thankfully, the answer is yes! Although we can’t teach our youth to feel better about themselves, we do have the ability to foster healthy self-esteem through our daily efforts and interactions. This e-book was written for caring teachers and influencers like yourself to help you better understand, detect and combat low self-esteem as it pertains to your youth.